Tricks for Trap Accounts – Doing The Most Damage

This last strategy is a team sport. We’ve used it to score massive amounts of kills in recent events.

[Drama reduction suggestion: let a trusted friend in the ruling alliance know what you’re about to do and that you’re trying to trap the enemy, so they won’t start yelling at your alliance for breaking ranks]

I’m a lead from the front kind of officer, so I rip the rank off my sleeve and play as a Rank 1 player. Unfortunately, I’m a really clueless Rank 1 player. Who doesn’t listen to alliance leadership. And completely ignores state rules. Man, what a dope.

I’m gonna be THAT GUY. The fool who farms middle and high level gold tiles during a kill event.

Stupid greedy junior player. Much farming. Such slaughter. Much Wow. Such points.

The typical attacker will port next to my farmers, who will run for safety once the intruder drops their shield and launches an offensive deployment. You will need to watch your tiles for this to work.

Unfortunately for them, I’m not the only one watching that farming tile. There are at least three other huge players watching that location, ready to port in on top of the (now un-shielded) mid-level player who wanted to snack on my farmers. This doesn’t usually end well.

The other reason to tell the ruling alliance in advance is the other state may reinforce their attacker. This means an absolute WHALE of a base will show up to ambush the ambush. I’ve usually got the ruling alliance on speed-dial, since this large (un-shielded) base is a fantastic target for a large rally.

And that’s our guide to the gentle art of playing a trap account.