Tricks for Trap Accounts – Doing The Most Damage

So… you’ve got a fifty million power account and a big stack of kills. There’s no disguising it. You’re a bona-fide Mobile Strike stud. The master of your domain. There’s no way anyone would buy it.

Only an idiot would farm during a kill event. That’s a complete noob move.

Tile hits are often a fantastic way to rack up points and during a state vs. state event. The enemy isn’t protected by hospitals and – as I said – only a fool would farm when the big alliances from multiple states are trying to actively kill each other. Move quick though. Or the target will scuttle back to safety.

So we’re going to be that fool. Except with a few twists.

  • Maximum deployment size of T4 troops
  • Commander on the tile, with good defense boosts and gear / mods
  • Boost deployment size (snicker) by 50% for four hours
  • Anti-scout (of course)
  • Good troop defense research (done in advance)

Incidentally, since you can’t rally a tile, there’s no way for a prospective attacker to outnumber you.

Although most will be in such a hurry to slaughter your dumb farmers before you can escape, they won’t even waste time scouting you before attacking. One of my heavy players (big power, many kills) was eating full deployments of Tier 3 troops right and left using this strategy in our last kill event.

Get yer farm on!

Finally, my other twist on the farming trap strategy that any account can execute