Tricks for Trap Accounts – Doing The Most Damage

<coughs polite>

So there’s an elephant in room. Well, more specifically, a couple hundred thousand of them (T3 or T4). Maybe even a few million (if you go the T1 route). No opponent in their right mind would attack you if they knew those forces were lurking. So we’re gonna have to improvise a bit here.

The most common strategy is turn on the anti-scout boost. For certain trap configurations, that is pretty much the only real option you have. If your “surprise” is a couple million T1 troops or a large contingent of alliance reinforcements, there’s no real way to hide them without using anti-scout.

Unfortunately many mobile strike players are growing wise to the threat from trap accounts. Accounts that are running anti-scout are usually assumed to be traps by default by most experienced players. Thus, we need to add a couple of new plays to the book.

So what if we were a BROKE high level player? We’re not going to pay gold to protect our good troops, so we will rally them during the kill event. That should keep them safe. Meanwhile, we have a few extra troops that can’t sit in the rally. They can hang out at the base. Let’s work with this lie for a bit and perfect it.

The first option is acting like we have “excess” Tier 3 or Tier 4 troops. This is surprisingly common; if you regularly build troops, you will quickly have more than a single rally’s worth. These troops can be stored at the base where they are protected by hospitals. Twenty or thirty thousand would make a nice snack for someone looking to rack up kill event points.

Or maybe we’ve got some lower level troops we use for farming. The key to this lie is to make them look really random. Mix of lower levels and troop types. Maybe even use artillery (higher carrying capacity, greater power points to kill in state vs. state event). No trap in their right mind would have artillery. You can actually get away with using a fairly large army of junior troops without arousing suspicion. Overconfident players will see your rally (and presume it has your heavies) and conclude that you were sloppy about bringing your low level farmers back to base. Free kills!

Another dirty trick is to use a deployment size boost to increase the amount of troops you can rally. You can bump the size of your rally up by 50%. There’s a little bit of risk here – it is a dead giveaway to highly experienced players who can do the math. But most folks aren’t that smart – and it gives you a way to land a much larger punch.

Naturally, we will cancel the rally the instant someone shows up and let them deal with the full wrath of our entire army. But there’s no need to tell them that…

Now lets talk about where to lurk to find your victims customers (next page)…