Mobile Strike Hyper Farming and Banks

Mastering Mobile Strike:

Why Do We Hyperfarm?

Complete your Tier 4 Troop Research… They said. It will be fun! They said…

In the event you haven’t noticed yet, each additional level of building and research costs an increasing amount of resources to initiate. You may be able to throw down levels 1 – 7 in a hurry, but assembling the resources to build high level buildings (usually level 16+) or research (level 6+) is downright brutal. You will need millions of resource points for each of these projects, plowing a never ending stream of materials into your growing war machine.

Gathering can help, particular for the middle levels. The typical resource tile will give you 200,000 to half a million units of a particular material. Clearing out a couple of tiles can often help get a project moving. But this grows tiresome, particularly for the higher level projects.

Buying resource packs is another option; but we’ll set that aside for the time being….

Which leaves a serious growth player with two options:

  • First, go conquistador and sack the nearby alliances. This DOES work and is usually one of the primary strategies used by the ruling alliance to boost their take and keep rivals down. Downsides include the fact you’re going to burn a lot of teleports in the process. And you can expect the other alliances to respond to your raids, by either shielding up or forming their own large alliance to fend you off. And the ruling alliance may decide to go after you to keep you from messing up their own collection route. Not ideal….
  • Or you can hyperfarm. Hyperfarming is where a group of players get together to take advantage of the huge bonuses you can achieve if you specialize in a single resource type. Ideally a group of 5 – 8 highly active players split up the major resources. Each player picks a single resource (food, iron, stone, oil) to concentrate their efforts on. They max out their production research for that resource. They boost their commander tree bonus¬†for that resource. They use most /all of their “outside the wire” spots for that building type. And they trade the excess with each other. This can generate thousands of resource points per hour.

Mobile Strike Banks

This brings us to the role of bank. In simple terms, a bank in mobile strike is a player who remains perpetually shielded and serves as an exchange for resources. If you have additional resources, send them to the bank. If you need resources for a project, the bank can send them to you. Pretty simple.

This helps solve two issues:

  • Large alliances showing up to steal your stuff (unless you’re shielded, which costs gold)
  • Helps get around the “resource capacity” limits for your base. Your base can only hold a specific amount – after this point, you stop producing the resource. You can hold more than that, but you have to farm / gather all of it.

The capacity issue is sneaky. This really becomes a problem once you start working on higher level buildings and research, since you frequently need to exceed your capacity to get a project initiated.

Banks usually wind up turning into a leadership role, since they work with every player on the team. Pick a level headed person with social skills. Ideally someone who is a long time member of the team, since having a bank defect can be disastrous.

Does HyperFarming Work?

Oh, absolutely. Let me tell you a little story. A couple of months ago, I was part of the #5 alliance in our state and we were close on the heels of the top dog, a set of three alliances who held spots one to three. They were… unhappy with us. That generally happens after you expose a pack of pompous fools as a bunch of hypocrites. Snicker, guess the roles don’t apply to everyone, do they?

Anyhow, after our little “act of protest”, they decided it was time to put us out of business as punishment. No gathering for you: they sent their hunter-killer teams to slaughter any troops caught gathering on a resource tile. Naturally, we responded in kind with our own ambushes so the whole thing turned into a big mess.¬†Since we were unable to gather, we went to 100% hyper farming.

And it worked like a charm. Heck, it worked BETTER than the old ways.

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Solo HyperFarming

You can still do a version of this if you’re on a lone wolf assignment – such as going after gold tiles or lurking away from the hive to raid enemy farms. Just pick a single resource type and load up your bonuses to support that resource. Rotate them around to get a diverse set of resources.

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