Mobile Strike Tips, Strategy, and Cheats

Mastering Mobile Strike:


Want to command your own tank division? Welcome to Mobile Strike, a new modern warfare game from Machine Zone. This game puts you in charge of a team of soldiers battling to control an online world. Here are a few Mobile Strike tips to make the game more enjoyable….

Heavily Influenced by Game of War

Mobile Strike features a mature gaming engine, adapted from the hit series “Game of War”. Many key aspects of the game remain the same and they’ve worked out most of the bugs. The game universe is moved from the classical era to a Desert Storm style military force.

The core of the game revolves around leading your base and building an army. Players control a base that allows them to generate resources, build troops, construct buildings, craft special gear, and research upgrades. The building side of the game occurs as a series of projects – to start a project, you must possess the resources (food, iron, stone, oil, coin) and wait until a “timer” is completed. The early part of the game goes very quickly – but it can take days or weeks to research and build late game items.

Bases and Buildings

Here’s a quick tour of the important buildings for the basic game:

  • Resource Buildings:
    • Farms: Generate the Food Resource; Troops eat food. Interestingly enough, there isn’t a penalty for starvation aside from not being able to start new projects that require food.
    • Quarry: Generates Stone
    • Mine: Generates Iron
    • Oil Well: Generates Oil
    • Important: See our guide to hyperfarming (focused resource production that will allow you to level up faster) and setting up a private farm account.
  • Troop Training & Health
    • Bank: Generates Coin; also, more importantly, controls how fast you can build troops (key mobile strike tip – build good banks to train troops fast).
    • Training Grounds: Dictates how  many troops you can train at a time. You really only need a couple of these (2); if you want to put more effort into building the war machine, invest in banks.
    • Hospital: Allows you to shelter a certain number troops defending your base and prevent them from being killed when your base is attacked. Wounded troops can be healed for 1/5 the cost it would take to replace them, which is a critical advantage. So our top mobile strike tip is: invest heavily in hospitals.
  • Economy Buildings
    • Warehouse: If an enemy attacks your base and wins, they will loot resources from your base and carry them away. Warehouses protect a certain amount of resources from looters. Pro Mobile Strike Tip:  invest in warehouses.
    • Research Lab: You can perform research to unlock higher level troops; this is an important aspect of the game.
    • Trading Post: Allows you to trade resources with other members of your in-game social group known as an alliance; moderately useful to keep upgraded.
    • Armory: A workshop where you can build gear for your commander which gives your troops special bonuses. There’s an entire system of special gear (beyond the scope of this guide); in any event, this building becomes very important in the middle and late portions of the game.

There are several additional buildings that we’re not going to discuss, which play a role in various middle and late stage game elements. You have the ability to imprison and even execute enemy commanders. You have a radar station for early warnings of attacks. And you have various buildings which help you cooperate with other members of your alliance to attack and defend your bases.

Another mobile strike tip for building projects. If you have VIP status (they hand it out pretty freely in the early game), you have an automatic speedup button that takes a certain number of minutes off a timer. Use it to get projects done quickly.

Mobile Strike Troops & Traps

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What would a war game be without combat?

Combat consists of two separate dynamics:

  • Regular Troops (Infantry, Special Forces, Tanks) who have a rock-paper-scissors system where each troop type has a preferred target type and a feared enemy.
  • Artillery vs. Traps (base defenses) if the fight involves attacking a base. Artillery is generally very weak and easily killed if you attack it outside of a base.

Timing is an important factor in combat. You designate a target and the troops will march out from your base to engage it. In many cases, the target has the option of withdrawing or shielding before the attack hits, which creates an element of strategy around timing (and how much time you give the other player to react). Bases can move closer to a target via teleporting: this often requires the use of the game’s real currency “gold” (which players buy from the Machine Zone). So you can easily run up a bill when you’re hopping around the game universe chasing an enemy.

Important: read our guide to protecting your troops and commander before building an army…

And no army is complete without a commander, who adds several important bonuses…

Commander Skills and Equipment

Ah the commander of your army – not just another pretty face. Commanders increase the power of your team via their special skills and by using special equipment which you can craft for them. First mobile strike tip: make sure your commander is properly trained so his bonuses help your team. Second mobile strike tip: protect your commander carefully, he’s usually worth half your army.

Lets start with skills and bonuses. Your commander has a set of skills known as the commander skill tree. This gives your troops and base advantages in economics (faster resource production, building, research, resource gathering) or combat (more damage, better defense, better health, faster training). Since these bonuses get bigger the higher you go, pick which ones are most critical and max them out. For example, if you need good food production, you can increase your food production by over 650% just for mastering the top level of the food production skill. Or if you decide you want to be the world’s best infantry commander, max out the infantry skill for huge attack bonuses. My first week in the game I tended to spread things around – this is just bad and wrong. Focus on the key skills and max them out.

You’ve got the ability to reset a commander skill tree with the special item. This is well worth doing.

You also can build special gear that will give your commander additional bonuses. This requires you to gather materials and craft them in your armory. The details of this are beyond the scope of this article, but my suggestion remains the same – decide what bonuses you really want and focus your effort there. For example, my account is set up to push a certain troop type during combat:

  • Over 80% of my troops are that troop type
  • My commander maxes out every skill related to that troop type
  • We built a set of special equipment that gives huge bonuses for that particular troop type

The net effect of all this is my troops go into battle with HUGE bonuses for that one troop type, allowing us to attack with the power of an army that is three or four times our actual size. This is a critical mobile strike tip: concentrate and max out your offensive bonuses.

Another important mobile strike tip: understand the difference between defense and health. The defense bonuses only applies if your team is attacked. If you are smart about how you move your troops and use your shields, you can reduce the odds of your troops being hit. You will, however, always lose some troops when you’re attacking another player. The Health bonuses reduce the amount of casualties you take team takes on both attack and defense and is a very good thing to build up once you’ve got your attack bonuses looking strong.

A final mobile strike tip for effective combat. The troops are organized into tiers (currently 1 – 4), with each higher tier being more effective. Losses are generally taken against the weakest troops first. So if you’ve got some nice expensive Tier 3 or Tier 4 troops, it sometimes makes sense to mix in some junior (Tier 1 or Tier 2) troops to serve as shields. They may die, but your expensive senior troops are more likely to live. Bonus mobile strike tip for combat: don’t be a low level red-shirt… (dramatic music)

We lay out additional tips on combat strategy here.

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The game is dominated by social groups know as alliances, which can currently have up to 100 players. Alliance members have several opportunities to help each other:

  • Trading resources between players and bases
  • A “help” button speed-up that can get projects done faster
  • The ability to do alliance “missions” which earns you loyalty script
  • An Alliance Store, which allows you to exchange loyalty script for commonly used items such as peace shields, teleport cards, commander skill tree resets, and deployment recalls
  • The ability to work together to share reinforcements between bases

Another key element of the alliance system is the concept of “rallies” – where multiple players can contribute troops to launch an attack against at target at a point in the future. Originally intended as a means of allowing several players to join forces to attack a powerful foe,  rallies have become a good way to protect your troops and commander as well. Known as ghost rallies (since they are cancelled before the troops are released, hopefully), you can  use these to protect your troops from attack when you’re offline.

Challenges and Missions

Our final series of tips relates to how the game handles challenges and missions. Challenges are specific contests (there are usually four running at a time – state, alliance, extreme, and basic) which offer players prizes for completing a particular task. Missions are offered on the missions tab and give a player the ability to get extra resources and raw material for their manufacturing projects. These are well worth doing – bank your prize cards and special items until you need them later (you will….)

This a far from an exhaustive guide – the details of the game are very complicated and it can take a while to learn the upper levels of the game. That being said, hopefully this makes your first couple of weeks much more fun!

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