Mastering Mobile Strike

Mastering Mobile Strike:

Welcome to our guide to getting the most out of Mobile Strike, the game which puts YOU in command of your own personal army on a path to dominate your “state”. You will build an army, forge alliances, win pitched battles, endure crushing defeats, and engage in plenty of DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!

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Mobile Strike is best learned in layers. While the basics of the game are fairly simple, playing it well at the higher levels requires you to learn many different aspects of the game and link them together. Here’s my take on how to master mobile strike:

Learning Mobile Strike – Player Stages

Stage 1 – Noob (Levels 1 – 10)

Honestly, at this point, the ink is barely dry from the tutorial and you’re still trying to figure out how to move your guy (hint: you teleport your base around).

Do: Focus on building up your resource buildings and getting your research going. Join the first alliance you can get into, but work on making friends so you can join the right alliance.

Don’t: Invest to much time and energy into building up your army or starting trouble. Level One troops are fairly weak; you need to level up a bit and build some alliances before starting trouble.

Stage 2 – Trooper (Levels 10 – 14)

As you level up, growth becomes harder (costs / takes longer) and combat becomes more meaningful. Once you reach level 10, you can capture enemy commanders. Unfortunately, this  means your commander can be captured as well.  You start to play a larger role in your alliance and your choice of alliances becomes more important.

Do: The middle of the game is about making good choices. The better your choices, the faster you will rise through the ranks. It’s also time to get in touch with the social aspects of the game.

Don’t: Get touchy about your level in the alliance, especially if you’re in a well developed state. Most folks running the alliances at the R4 / R5 level know how to play the game. Watch and learn.

Stage 3 – Veteran (Levels 15 – 20)

You have leveled up and are starting to become a force in the game. By this point, you should be north of 10MM power. More importantly, you are combat effective – you may not have the punch of a 100MM power leviathan, but you’re plenty capable of tearing apart a small hive or trashing someone’s farm alliance. The game also gets more real: once you reach level 15, you can execute an enemy commanders. Unfortunately, yours can be executed as well. You start to play a larger role in your alliance and your choice of alliances becomes more important.

Do: Develop a big picture strategy for your base. What is your role within the alliance? How do you intend to get resources to grow? When your alliance goes to war, what is your combat role? With growth becoming increasingly expensive, you need to make smart choices and stay focused.

  • Identify your preferred troop types once you get access to T3 troops and focus your investments in research, gear, and troop production to optimize your punch.
  • You need to lock down your resource farming / gathering strategy and build a good relationship with your alliance’s bank. Higher level buildings need help to get built.
  • Protecting commanders becomes critical – learn how to keep your commander safe.
  • Take an active role in guiding your alliance; this likely involves coaching new players at first, after which your leadership will likely ask you to help serve as R4 or even R5.
  • Join the right alliance; this means deciding if you want to be a small fish in a big pond (ruling alliance or their “training alliance”) or a large fish in a small pond (R4 / R5 for medium sized alliance). Both of these can be fun.
  • Learn how state chat works and start getting a feel for the politics of the alliances.
  • Participate in the Kill Event! Seriously, this will earn you credibility both within your alliance and with members of the ruling alliance. Non-participation is also obvious.

Don’t: Shoot your mouth off in state chat, unless you have a well thought out plan to manage the fallout. Similarly, be wary of going on your own personal rampage of terror now that you have T3 troops – there’s always a larger player out there who will be happy to put you in your place. Your actions will be taken more seriously, thus there’s an obligation to start representing your alliance.

Stage 4 – Elite (Levels 21+ or Major Alliance R4 / R5)

Congratulations. You’ve arrived. Your power now directly affects the direction of the game in your state, between your own personal efforts and your role as a leading member of your alliance. You will start wars, settle grudges, coach players, and deal with all kinds of drama and random misunderstandings.

Do: Find your space in the game. It could be as an enforcer for the ruling alliance, leader and coach of a medium sized alliance, or as a lone-wolf adventurer out for mayhem and chaos.

  • Pay close attention to management of your research tree and equipment bonuses, particularly research and construction bonuses. You’re going to do a lot of research.
  • Sort out your relationships with the leading factions in the game. Make friends, watch your enemies carefully. The game at this level is very social.
  • Build a following – find people you like working with and build relationships.
  • Learn how rallies work: the good news is that many of you are effectively immune to being attacked by a single player; the bad news is half a dozen can rock your world and destroy several months worth of troops in a single attack.

Don’t: LOL. It’s like the old joke. “Where does the big dog sit?” Answer: Anywhere he wants. Just remember to watch out for groups of players so you don’t get rallied or repeatedly tile-hit.

Welcome to Mastering Mobile Strike!

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