Mobile Strike Alliances – Picking The Right Alliance

Mastering Mobile Strike:

Managing your mobile strike alliance membership is a critical decision. Selecting the right alliance will ensure you get support, resources, status in your state, and free gold / gifts from other players.

Alliance Selection Questions

Here are a few things to consider as part of this decision:

  • First, what are your goals and level of interest in the game?
    • Are you a casual player that rarely spends? Then you probably want to stay with a smaller alliance; they tend to be fairly lenient about how much participation is expected from their members…
    • Are you a regular spender? Then you definitely want to move into a top alliance; a key benefit of this is the alliance gifts which are distributed when another alliance member purchases a pack. Your purchase helps your entire alliance.
    • Do you like the social aspect of the game and to help “coach” other players? Then you should consider going for an alliance which needs a bank or is seeking good R3 / R4 candidates. You may also want to look into joining a “training alliance”, usually an alliance of medium sized players who are affiliated with a larger “powerhouse” alliance.
  •  Where is the alliance in the pecking order of the state? This will set your expectations about how much drama and combat to expect. Most states have a single group of “ruling alliances” (usually the strongest players) who set the rules, manage the control point, and raid smaller alliances for resources. Joining this group is great… but limits your options for moving around. This is especially true if you disagree with your leadership. There’s a lot of turmoil between the top dogs and the next dozen alliances, who are large enough to be worth raiding but also powerful enough to try to fight back. Below that level, most drama is local and involves small bases with limited resources.
  • Do they follow state rules? Are they on the state hit list? Two good sources of information about the alliance. First, look at their alliance profile page – this will give you some insight into what they stand for and who their friends are. Second, watch state chat. Be cautious about joining an alliance with a reputation for renegade behavior. They often become targets of the ruling alliance and everyone in them burns for the acts of a few. If you wind up in an alliance on the state burn list, be sure to protect your commander.
  • What is the Alliance Gift Level? When a member of the alliance kills a rebel target, buys a pack, or wins an alliance challenge the entire alliance will get a gift pack. The higher the level, the better the gift. All other things being equal, go for the higher gift level. But better gifts aren’t worth joining an alliance with bad chemistry or on the state hit list.
  •  Mix of players: It is often good to browse the alliance player roster to understand the mix of people. Here are some good questions to keep in mind:
    • How much of the alliance’s power is concentrated in a handful of players; this can create difficulties if one of those players leaves or quits the game.
    • How many top alliance member have significant kills? (100,000 kills for entry level alliances; 1MM+ kills for senior alliances) This will give you an idea of how often the alliance fights and – for those of you learning how to play – how many senior fighters are there to coach you on combat strategy.
    • How many look like farming account or alts? This overstates the size and power of the alliance, since most of these accounts will rarely help fight.

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Other Key Benefits:

  • Access to Alliance Missions: Belonging to a mobile strike alliance will give you additional “missions” in your mission tab. These missions will earn you resources and (often) materials to help construct gear. They are earn you “loyalty” script you can use in the alliance store.
  • “Help” Button Speedups: The help button gives you a small speed up. You can get one boost per level of your base; this will take a little off a construction or research timer.
  • Alliance Store: As you work for your alliance, you earn “loyalty script”. This can be used to purchase items in the store. Some of these tend to be fantastic deals. Some things I like:
    • Deployment recalls – Deployment recalls are super cheap in the store
    • Commander med-kits – Used to revive an executed commander; this item is also a great deal in the alliance store (500,000 script vs. a chunk of gold)
    • 8 hour Peace shields
    • Advanced teleports
    • Commander Tree Reskills

The last three items are the major “consumables” that I use for state vs. state events. The mobile strike alliance store is my primary source for these materials.

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