Mobile Strike Farm Accounts & Alts

Farm Accounts – here’s a crazy idea….

What if we took that idea about hyperfarming¬†where multiple players split up responsibility for farming resources, specialize in a particular resource, and trade it among each other. And instead of herding half a dozen other people into place to make the scheme work… what we just created a few alternate ID’s and used them to farm for resources?

Well guess what… it works!

This works best if you have a couple of extra devices in the household. Create several additional Mobile Strike accounts. Set them up using a different email address and move them near your alliance hive.

Now, level the account up (usually to around level 10). Focus all of your effort on boosting your research for a particular resource. Built out a full set of buildings for that resource. For a food farm, this would be all farms. For oil, all oil wells. For iron, all iron mines. For stone, all Quarries.

Presto, you now have a farm account. When you need resources, just attack it and loot the wreckage. This also avoids having to double-dip on the resource tax incurred when you “bank” resources. (You pay to ship stuff to the bank; the bank pays to ship resources back to you).

State vs. State Scouts

There’s another good use for farm accounts – scouting other alliances in state vs. state events. It can be very dangerous to leave your primary account exposed in the other state. The last time I did this, I had a pair of 100 million+ bases teleport next to me. I don’t believe they were coming for steak night at the officer’s club….

But a farm account has nothing to attack…. if you teleport the farm account over to the other state, you can fly scouts all day long and avoid giving up any points. Of course, once you spot an exposed target with power worth destroying… send your regular account over to knock it down…

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