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Hint:Always ____ ____ before you go camping

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Hanging Hyena's Online Hangman Game!

A Hangman Game For People Who Like Bears - and Bacon...

Welcome to our take on the classic hangman game. We like camping. And bacon. The only problem with eating bacon when you're camping is bears like to show up. And as you can see here, a bear has shown up... Oh noes!!!

We also like word games, particularly this hangman game. So we're a little distracted. While Yogi Bear is sizing up our pile of bacon and preparing for a little snack, we're busy trying to solve a hangman game. The longer it takes to solve this hangman word, the more the bear will eat. We have 10 pieces of bacon right now. How many will be left for breakfast?

The rules are simple. Pick a topic - or let the hangman game randomly pick a topic for you. The hangman game will generate a puzzle from our database of hangman words. We even give you a little clue about the meaning. Your job is to guess the words, by pressing the letter keys. You can guess letters using the buttons on the screen or the letters on your keyboard (either works). Each hang man letter has risk. If you're right, the letter will show up on the list of letters below.

If you're wrong, ulp. The Bear grabs a piece of bacon. Get all the letters and we have bacon for breakfast! Miss too many words and we get to practice all those "living off the land" skills we keep talking about. I hear pine cones and bark are really tasty this time of year! Bet you never thought learning vocabulary was that important, eh?

If you REALLY get stuck and want a hint, check out our hangman solver. We've got a little tool which can suggest the right letters to guess to survive this hangman game.

And shameless plug here. We've got a wide variety of other games and study tools you might be interested in. Check out our free online puzzle makers if you need tools to help study words. You also may like trying our word scramble game.

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