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The Real Pilgrim Story

Puzzle # 4

Empty Village

The Pilgrims got lucky - they found a deserted village and moved there. But why was it deserted?

Drag Into Letters To Correct Order Using The Mouse or Your Finger. Green Indicates Letter is Correct.



Real History Of The Pilgrims

Most Americans are familar with the story of the Pilgrims. But there's a lot more to the early settlement of the Americas that we are taught in that story.

Join us as we dig into the details of the story and see the human elements. Diplomacy, Strategy, Luck, Incompetence, and Power Plays shape the English entrance into the New World. We present a series of multi-word jumble puzzles - each puzzle focuses on a key element of the story. Each puzzle comes with a description about the people, places, and trends at work.

Solving This Puzzle

Unscramble the words and see the full answer to the question. You can drag and drop the letters into the correct order using your mouse or touchscreen device. If you get a letter in the correct position, it will show green - letters in the wrong position will display as red. We provide additional hints below as we discuss the circumstances and historical evidence about that particular participant or situation. If you get stuck, just try dragging a few letters around until you see a green letter - that will help you get started unscrambling the word.

Spoilers (Puzzle Context)

The Native Americans of New England were fairly well organized, operating as villages organized into a larger confederations. They were capable of organizing across large areas and had their own power struggles and internal conflicts between confederations. At this point, they had been dealing with the Europeans for almost a century - and fairly clear pattern had emerged. The Native Americans were frequently interested in trading with the Europeans. However, permanent settlements were not allowed - and evicted by force, if necessary.

For the Pilgrims, this pointed towards a fairly limited and dangerous settlement, particularly given their initial introduction to the local area. Until they got lucky.

The area they landed in had been devastated by disease immediately prior to their visit, wiping out most of the population. This played a key role in giving them an opportunity to get established. First, they stumbled upon a deserted village in a defensible location that had been wiped out by the disease. Second, the local Native American confederation had been sufficiently weakened by the disease that they were in danger of being taken over by a neighboring confederation. This gave them an incentive to partner with the Europeans as an ally.

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