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Using This word hunt cheat:

This word hunt cheat gives you a list of unscramble word ideas ranked by length (key driver of points) and shows you where they are on the word grid. It is designed to help solve Game Pigeon's word hunt game. Enter your letters in the box (need 16 letters for 4x4 boggle grid) and hit the "Get Words" button. The grid will populate with the letter tiles and the words you can find in the grid will appear in a table below. This guides you through the word search puzzle. Page through the scrambled letters in the word list to find the ones you feel comfortable with playing in your word game. It gives better valid words / answer ideas than an app hack or code generator.

This word hunt cheat is based on an anagram dictionary; we've created a couple of alternative versions of the solver which have been tweaked for different games. It works regardless of word length. We have another version of the boggle word finder that is a scramble with friends cheat (with scores for that game). We cover different sizes for any android device word puzzle game. Have fun with your word hunt game (need a new puzzle?).

We've started keeping a list of places to play. The leading 4x4 boggle game that we're aware of is Zygna's Scramble with Friends. Pogo also has a game called Boggle Bash, which is another option for those of your who like to play 4x4 boggle. There are several variants of boggle available at the Puzzle Baron's website - they call it Word Twist and have 4x4 and 5x5 versions available. Know of another version of the game (word grid search using 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6 grids)? Send us an email and describe any special rules, we can take a look at customizing a solver...

One potential strategy element to consider in selecting words for traditional boggle word puzzle games is the likelihood of another player finding the same letter word in the grid. This is very much a judgement call - this boggle solver identifies a list of words, ranked by points, but you may want to focus your efforts on the more obscure selection. The boggle cheat isn't perfect - if you're really good at rattling off prefixes and suffixes for a word (including plurals), it may be faster to just do this manually as you play. In this case, you would grab a root-word from the boggle cheat (DESIRE) and watch out for obvious versions of the word (desires, desired, etc.) which you can rattle off as you play without re-looking at the boggle cheat.

More From Hanging Hyena:

Looking for new puzzles and a word hunt game? We're regularly expanding our collection of puzzles, word solver tools, and hidden word search game(s). Check out our Free Cryptogram puzzles if you are good at recognizing patterns. These are famous (or funny) quotes encryped with a scrambled alphabet code - if you can guess the code, you can decipher the message. Or check out our new word swapz game if you like unscrambling words and spelling challenges. Flip letters in the original word back and forth until you manage to figure out all the meaningful words in the puzzle. Use tricks like double letters, remaining letters, anagrams, multiple words, and clues to missing words or different words. (Or even apps)

Of course, if you're in school it's important to keep your grades up during these digital learning days. That's why we created a Finals Calculator to make sure your final grade is still on track. This simple calculator handles the essential question every student asks: What do I need to get on my final to pass? Because in reality, if you're bored enough to read this far down the page, you've probably been too busy with words with friends, scrabble words, vocabulary words, boggle solving, playing word chums, or using another word cheat this spring... [cue Ferris Bueller's Day Off post-credits scene]

Stuck solving a puzzle? No worries, we can help with that too! We offer a wide variety of word games solvers and tools to help crack pen and paper ciphers! We have solvers for boggle, scrabble, and tools to help unscramble words. You can even use them to solve words with friends and the specialized versions of boggle (Scramble with Friends and large matrixes - 5 x 5 boggle and 6 x 6 boggle). These tools can also be used as a word crack cheat and ruzzle cheat.

Finally, if you need to make a word scramble or crossword puzzle - for a class exercise, business icebreaker, party favor, or other special occaision - we've got tools for that too. You can even save you work for future events and classes. These are perfect for teachers, students, homeschoolers, coaches, sunday school teachers, and team mom / dads. Or to settle a score with your friendly neighborhood word crack cheat or ruzzle cheat, of course... Have them do a word search on ancient bolivian archery techniques. That'll teach em....

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