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Tricks to Help You Unscramble Words

Ever ask yourself "How Can I Make a Word With These Letters"? If you're in a hurry, you can always use our solver. But if you want to unscramble the letters the old fashioned way, here are a few tips.

First, look for common sequences of words that start a word (prefixes) or end a word (suffixes). For example, if you notice you have the letters "ing", set those to one side and see what you can make with the other letters. For puzzles, this really narrows down your choices. The same applies to seeing an 'S' in your letters. Set it aside and see if there are any obvious pluralizations of the remaining letters.

Another good trick is to start with common consonant patterns and swap out vowels. Pick 2 consonants and start swapping vowels them around. This type of quick thinking can help you max out your points in scrabble.

About 80% of the English language is pretty formulaic once you're familiar with the root words and common prefixes / suffixes. The other twenty percent consists of borrowed words and oddball stuff that don't fit neatly into a pattern. The neat thing about wordplay is the more you read and solve puzzles, the better you will get. Using scratch paper can really help if you're a visual person.

We also built some tools to help build vocubulary. Don't spend time memorizing the dictionary, however - you'll get more milage from memorizing lists of short words (such as two letter words and three letter words). Skimming common root words is also good.

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