Getting Started with Wordle

All of us are still trying to find ways to stay in touch with one another as the pandemic progresses, and social games are one of those ways. Wordle, a daily puzzle game, has become a social game like “Words with Friends” and “Candy Crush” in the past, and is sweeping the Internet with its unique twist on classic word-guessing games. There is a good chance that you’ve heard your coworkers talking about the word of the day, or your mother-in-law is playing it, or your boss is playing it during meetings, and you’re wondering if you should join the bandwagon yourself. (there are even Wordle Solver sites to help you if you get stuck – but don’t be a Wordle Cheat!)

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Another Word for Beautiful: 20 Pretty Ideas

Ahem….those love letters and texts you keep sending. Now I know you think the object of your affections is beautiful and they certainly want to think of themselves that way too. But variety is the spice of life (and a true sign of sincerity). Lets find another word for beautiful to spice things up a bit.

This is particularly true if you’re posting stuff on  Facebook or Reddit – when every picture is beautiful, dare I suggest that no picture is actually beautiful? Take this opportunity to stand out by finding and learning to use a few good synonyms for beautiful so your work is appreciated.

The list below shares another word for beautiful and some pointers on where it might best make sense to use it…..

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