Another Word for Beautiful: 20 Pretty Ideas

Ahem….those love letters and texts you keep sending. Now I know you think the object of your affections is beautiful and they certainly want to think of themselves that way too. But variety is the spice of life (and a true sign of sincerity). Lets find another word for beautiful to spice things up a bit.

This is particularly true if you’re posting stuff on  Facebook or Reddit – when every picture is beautiful, dare I suggest that no picture is actually beautiful? Take this opportunity to stand out by finding and learning to use a few good synonyms for beautiful so your work is appreciated.

The list below shares another word for beautiful and some pointers on where it might best make sense to use it…..

1 – Adorable

Worthy of love and adoration… good for a romantic context or just referring to pure cuteness.

2 – Grand

There are two ways to use this one. There’s the traditional “grand” indicating you’re looking at the best. And there’s the folksy version “grand” (“a grand old time”) which refers to “the best you’re likely to find around here”.

3 – Statuesque

Best if used for pure physical beauty, ideally a person. Worthy of making that person into a statue. Generally suggests either height / power or some other form of physical perfection.



4 – Stunning

Offers the audience more than they expect. Works for both people and landscapes  (or buildings). Another good option along the same lines would be “breathtaking”.

5 – Splendid

Another good “quality” word, indicating we’re looking at the best and finest.

6 – Spectacular

Worthy of commanding attention; being the star of the show.

7 – Shapely

Best used to describe physical beauty of a person; indicates a pleasing shape.

8 – Alluring

Another suggestive physical one; suggests the scene is drawing the viewer in for a closer look.

9 – Impressive

Works for things which are distinctive; impressive suggests the viewer will remember it.

10 – Handsome

Best used when referring to a good looking man.

11 – Charming

Praising the personality of the recipient; works for both men and women, can sometimes work for places (“a charming little town”).

12 – Bewitching

A little naughtier and suggestive than the other words. Indicates a strange magic will compel the viewers to pay attention to the person or place being described.

13 – Enthralling

This works well if you’re able to draw the subject’s personality or wisdom into the discussion. An enthralling person is interesting and viewers can’t look away.

14  – Pretty

A perfectly good replacement 🙂

15 – “Purdy”

Use at your own risk, unless you’re at a country western line-dancing bar….

16 – Exquisite

Another quality reference; best used if we’re talking about something delicate and finely made…

17 – Gorgeous

I’ve always associated this one with brassy, over the top beauty rather than subtle perfection…

18 – Resplendent

This word is associated with being well dressed and groomed – wearing clothes which are richly colorful or sumptuous. Consider it a very “polished” form of beautiful that requires shopping and preparation.

19 – Dazzling

As if the object was throwing off light in all directions.

20 – Dainty

Not commonly used, but indicates a delicate beauty (as if finely made).

Finding Another Word For Beautiful:

These synonyms for beautiful is a small fraction of the potential options. The best suggestion we can make is to stop and think about WHAT qualities make your subject beautiful and write about that particular quality. Then pick another word for beautiful which aligns well with the rest of your context (people / place / thing, male / female subject, physical / platonic affection, etc.).

This approach will improve your writing. Instead of making a broad promise, you’re connecting your readers to the specific quality which attracted your attention in the first place. And that’s….


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