Another Word For Good – 15 Great Ideas!

There’s nothing wrong with the word good. It’s an ok word. But, let’s be honest, telling someone their drawing is merely “good” isn’t exactly a big pat on the back. It’s half a notch above the dreaded “fine”. It shows you wish them well. You may get a nod in appreciation. But you’ll get a better reaction if you pick another word for good.

Below, we’ve come up with different synonyms for the word good. Sprinkle them into your next letter or speech of praise. They’ll add a little spice and your audience will appreciate it. Boring writing equals fewer readers. And a little emotion is often a good thing.

15 Suggestions for Another Word for Good

1 – Virtuous

Used to describe a person’s character or morals. Instead of saying he is a good person; try saying he is virtuous. This is a particular appropriate choice if you’re writing a formal speech or presentation.

2 – Kindhearted

Another word for good that describes a person’s character. Use this to praise someone for being nice or generous.

3 – Superior

Use this synonym for good if you’re describing qualities for a particular role. Instead of saying these are good tires; try these are superior tires. This says they stand out relative to the rest of the tires you could buy. See how easy it is to spice up your vocabulary by just changing one word?

4 – Delightful

Use when explaining an enjoyable or satisfying meal, show, or other experience. Instead of “the movie was good”, maybe try “the movie was delightful”. Yes, you may sound a tad snobby, but who cares? You’re broadening your vocabulary!

5 – Appropriate

Suitable for a particular purpose. Instead of saying this wine is good with spaghetti, try saying this wine is appropriate with spaghetti. And, now I’m craving spaghetti and wine.

6 – Tip-top

Meaning desired or approved of. We wouldn’t recommend using it often, but it’s a tip-top word to use sparingly when describing something or someone’s condition.

7 – Obedient

Follows rules or another word for good behavior. It can easily be used to describe a pet or child in the modern world. Obedience is a virtue in many religious orders and cultures.

8 – Significant

Out of all the synonyms for good, this is one of our favorites. Using significant instead of good often makes more of an impact. But use it sparingly, so the audience considers it as significant…

9 – Awesome

The perfect synonym of good for a younger audience. It’s definitely not a word you would find in Shakespeare’s writings.

10 – Proficient

Another word used to describe having the expertise needed for a particular role. Being told your driving is good may not strike you as well as being told it is highly proficient.

11 – Outstanding

Telling someone their play performance was good will not get the same smile and reaction as telling them their performance was outstanding. Particularly if you throw flowers at them afterwards!

12 – Charitable

One way to describe someone’s intentions or kind heart. Sometimes changing a simple word can show more emotion or show someone your sincere intent. Instead of saying, “You are such a good person”, try “You are such a charitable person”. They may look at you weird, but at least you’re being nice.

13 – Reputable

Deserving of respect. Honorable. Telling someone a company is reputable makes a better impact than saying it is good.

14 – Fine

A bit boring, but a perfectly acceptable synonym for good. It’s fantastic if you want to let someone know that while they performed acceptably, they have the opportunity to do better in the future.

15 – Wicked

Although informal, it’s the perfect descriptive word when you’re wanting to grab attention.

Searching for Synonyms of Good

There are many more words out there that work as another word for good. Just pick the best one that fits in the context. Words create strong and lasting impressions. So, remember the next time you praise your spouse for cleaning the house, don’t say, “good job”. Instead, say, “you did an outstanding job! The house looks tip-top”.