Another Word for Amazing – 20 Awesome Ideas

Is your essay or sales letter starting to sound boring? Need another word for amazing?

Let’s face it.  Even if your product or idea is actually AMAZING, there’s only so many ways you can say this before your reader starts to tune out and thinks you’re full of meaningless hype. This is also an overused title on article sharing sites and news stories (“10 amazing ways to say amazing! Yay!”). It’s time to find another word for amazing by looking at synonyms and alternatives.

The list below gives you the word (another word for amazing) and some context about when to use it. Ideally, you want to use a synonym for amazing which is a good match with the context of the topic; there’s always a small shift in meaning when you move between words so this is critical to good writing.

1 – Outstanding 

Best used if you can compare your topic to others; indicates your subject stands out from its peers.

2 – Remarkable

Indicates your product is worth sharing with others.

3 – Breathtaking

Indicates a sheer level of awesomeness that will cause the audience to suck in their breath….

4 – Spectacular

From the Roman concept of spectacles, big public events with lions and tigers. Indicates your product is worth being the star of the show.

5 – Splendid

A generic expression of quality; splendid points towards something being magnificent or impressive.

6, 7, 8 – Staggering, Stunning, Overwhelming

The audience will get more than they expect. Best if we’re talking about a deal of some kind.

9 – Impressive

The product or topic will surprise the visitors, giving them a reason to remember it.

10 – Bewildering

The product or solution is beyond the ability of average people to comprehend. This is a risky word for advertising copy writing – people are usually reluctant to purchase stuff they don’t understand. It is a great word you can slap on the competition’s solution (while promising that your product is easier).

11 – Prodigious

Indicates something is impressive in the sense there’s a whole lot of it or it’s super rare

12 – Colossal

The original old school cool, going back to the Romans and Greeks. They didn’t write five paragraph essays and sales letters, they built massive buildings out of stone and filled em up with lions, tigers, and bears.  Or gigantic statues (Colossus of Rhodes) that we still talking about two thousand years later.

13 – Wicked

This is a Northeast US thing, but wicked means extremely good in those parts.

14  – Sublime

Heavenly – best used when we’re talking about quality vs. quantity of benefits

15 & 16 – Marvelous, Magnificent

Worth looking at. Worthy of admiration.

17 – Legendary

I always think mythology or video games when we talk about this one, but it works for pop culture.

18 – Flawless

Another “success through quality” word – used properly, it can really set the item apart from the rest.

19 – Award winning

This leverages social proof, using the fact that someone else (in a perceived position of authority) approved the product or policy/proposal to build credibility with your audience.

20 – Top-Notch 

Another first class replacement for the word; indicates what you’re speaking about has high quality.

Finding Another Word For Amazing:

Our exploration of the synonyms for amazing only scratched the surface of the possibilities here. The real trick here is to stop and think about WHAT makes the subject you are writing about Amazing. The best way to find another word for amazing is to zoom in on the quality of the subject (eg. product, policy, proposal, etc.) which makes your subject amazing and select a word that features that particular quality. Once you understand what features you’re promoting (quality, volume, price/discount, uniqueness) then you can look for impressive words that describe those qualities.

This approach will actually make your writing better – rather than a generic indication your subject is impressive (Amazing!), you’re linking the reader back to a specific quality that you think is impressive!

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