Sitewide Redesign: Responsive Design To Improve Mobile Experience

We’re in the final stages of a site-wide redesign, focused on upgrading our solvers to deliver a better experience on mobile phones. The project used a web-design technique known as responsive design to rebuild our solver pages around several standard views (mobile phone, small tablet, larger tablet, desktop). We then modified the content shown in each of these views to better suit the expected audience.

From a user-experience perspective, there were relatively little changes in the hangman solver and hangman word builder pages. While we modified several elements of the solver behind the scenes, these pages deliver more-or-less the same experience with a slightly more user-friendly spin.

The largest redesign was in the boggle solvers – we shifted a number of elements of these solvers around to adapt them for mobile screens. For small screens, we kept the rapid entry box and reflowed the word-grid structure on the screen so that it was easier to page through the possible words and see where they fell on the screen. For users with a larger display, we gave them the option of looking at a page-able and click-able wordlist to facilitate more in-depth review of your options.

We took advantage of this opportunity to clean up our section on word scramble solvers and word jumble solvers – these have been consolidated down to a single page (here). For those of your looking for points-based solutions, take a look at our scrabble helper and words with friends helper.

On that note, we implanted the first significant change in the scrabble helper page since launch; we eliminated the complicated letter / tile value entry panel and settled on a much simpler “starts with / ends with” structure for helping build words. We’re looking at a couple of additional options entry options for this page. The intent is to make it easier to use on mobile.

We’re always open to feedback – drop us a line. And if you like our solvers or puzzles, please share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Our advertising budget resembles the null set, so any word-of-mouth assistance is appreciated!

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