Unscrambling Words – Some Surprising Results…

It’s always interesting to find words lurking inside other words – so we went hunting. For this exercise, we used our word unscrambler to find anagrams and word fragments. We also used a word pattern analyzer to find words which contained that fragment. The results have been assembled in a narrative (more or less) for your general amusement.

Lets start with a handful of direct anagrams:

For example, we find that INGRATES are often some of the ANGRIEST people around. The second word is a direct anagram of the first. For the musically inclined, we observe that NOTES represent TONES. Except of course, you are dealing with the ONSET of STONE deafness.

A king REIGNS unless they RESIGN; this may occur after an affair with a SINGER. Naturally, if you HASSLE the wrong person about this topic, you might get LASHES.

People with DEPOSIT accounts tend to be the DOPIEST savers, at least at current interest rates. That being said, PIRATES are well known for their PARTIES, so we should avoid critiquing their archaic investment practices.

In any event, these TALES are getting STALE.

Moving onto the word fragments:

We fed the word “lie” into the word pattern finder; interestingly enough, we noticed that aliens popped up early on the list.  One of the UGLIER implications of this is: You can’t have aliens without lies. The word LIEGE also appeared. As we see in the MILIEU of Game of Thrones, you may not want to blindly trust your liege lord either!

For the cynic, BELIEF is based on lies. CLIENTS should beware as well – the promises of a snake-oil salesman cannot be RELIED upon. May the WILIER party win! FLIERS are used to this sort of behavior: yeah, sure, the plane will board in twenty minutes.

We should have probably ended this article EARLIER but the word pattern finder came back with a total of 768 words which contain the word “lies”. SUBLIEUTENANTS was one of the longer ones. Along with DOLICHOCEPHALIES, which apparently means “long headed”….

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