Words That Make You Sound Smart – 12 Ideas

6 – Logistics

Definition of Logistics: The planning, execution, and management of the details of project, business, or other operation. Can often refer to military and civilian teams focused on managing the transportation and support of people, products, and equipment.

Think about the effort involved in throwing a big wedding or planning a big visit to an important client. You’ve got to make a list of what is needed, figure out where you’re going to get it from, set up all the necessary arrangements to move it to the right place, and make sure someone is there to set things up. You can always say you “coordinated” it but that’s pretty generic – it sounds much more impressive to say you “managed the logistics” for an “event”. Much more impressive

This conjures up images of managing large teams of people to organize the invasion of Normandy or move the Statue of Liberty from Paris to New York. Polished. Efficient. Organized. Smart….

Sample Uses:

“The Managing Director is flying to Hong Kong. We’re going along to handle the logistics of the visit.”.

Our Next Word describes events where you don’t have time to plan the logistics…

7 – Impromptu

Definition of Impromptu: Created or delivered without much preparation in advance. Hastily improvised.

So you didn’t really have time to make elaborate plans and set up the arrangements for an event. Not a problem, we’ll grab some snacks and drinks and throw an Impromptu celebration in the break-room at our office. This word is all about improvisation – smartly….

Another common use refers to meetings, speeches, and presentations. These are usually things which you spend time preparing for in advance, drafting a speech and editing your presentation. When you’re forced to do this in the spur of the moment without notice, that can be described as impromptu.

Sample Uses:

“After the unexpected donation, the priest stood up and gave an impromptu sermon about charity.”

Our Next Word is describes a solution to every problem…

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