Words That Make You Sound Smart – 12 Ideas

11 – Esoteric

Definition of Esoteric: Originally refers to knowledge which was taught and shared with only a small, special group of people. Can be more broadly used to refer to knowledge which is rare or unusual.

This is  great way to refer to knowledge which isn’t very commonly known and requires special training. For example, think about patents – most folks don’t know the details of how to get a product patented and drafting up the correct paperwork for the government. There are lot of little details and it takes years of study and training to do it correctly. Thus, patent law is an esoteric skill.

It’s also a nice way to point out that a particular skill or type of expertise isn’t something that you should be expected to know as part of your regular job. Indicating that a task requires esoteric expertise implies a specialist should be pulled in to help handle these details.

Sample Uses:

“She was an expert in several esoteric branches of Persian culture and philosophy.”

Our Next Word closes out our dozen words with a fancy flourish….

12 – Baroque

Definition of Baroque: Containing many elaborate decorative elements and details; can also refer to a style of 17th century art which often incorporated many elaborate details into a painting or statue.

Baroque art is famous for an obsession with details and special decorations. This type of art also takes a lot of effort to create all of these details, which implied that it was very, very expensive to create.

This is a great word to use when you’re talking about a design which is getting too complicated.

Sample Uses:

“The front door was baroque, made of solid mahogany with elaborate carvings and gold fixtures.”

And there you have it! A few suggestions on words that make you sound smart which, when used properly, can spice up a conversation…


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